Infrared Body Wrap

Did you have a long week?  Just finished training for that bucket-list marathon?  Get cozy and relax in our heated full body wrap.  This treatment is therapeutic for strained muscles and bones.  Other benefits include detoxing and jump-starting weight loss. 

LED Light Therapy

Our LED Light Therapy is a pain free treatment to cure many skin problems from body acne to fine lines and wrinkles.   An assortment of LED lights alleviates your specific skin concerns.   After care product is applied to absorb healthy nutrients for your skin, continuing care after you leave the lounge.

Microcurrent Body Therapy

Reduce the overall appearance of aging with our Microcurrent Body Therapy.  Skin is treated to tone and firm, giving you an instant tone and lift.  Skin is left feeling tighter and sculpted to perfection.

Microdermabrasion Body Therapy

Out with the old, in with the new!  Peel those layers back, revealing fresh and vibrant skin.  A diamond-head wand is used to remove the top layer of skin, leaving your skin feeling vibrant and refreshed.  Our Microdermabrasion body work clears dead skin cells while improving circulation and healthy skin growth.