Permanent Make-up is a cosmetic technique using tattoo as a means of producing designs that resemble make-up, such as eyebrows, eyeliner,lips and other beauty enhancements. At Ooh la Lah Beauty Lounge we provide different options and modality of Permanent Make-up. Below is a complete list of our current Permanent Make-up services .

MicrobladingEyebrow (6d technique)

Microblading/6d is a Meticulous process in which hair like strokes are created one by one with a pencil like tool called a "Microblade" that mimic where ideal brow hairs would be,enhancing overall brow shape.

Embroidery Eyebrow (3d technique)

Embroidery/3d technique Somewhat of a hybrid of the techniques ,allowing the ability to create hair like strokes with shadow or solid lines applied with the traditional tattoo tool. 

Traditional Eyebrow(Traditional solid tattoo technique)

The Traditional Permanent Make-up technique is a classic! Allows for a solid application of eyebrow very attractive  if we are working with a thinner eyebrow and looking to have a simple look. 

Eyeliner (top or bottom lash)

Eyeliner delicately applied to your upper ,lower(or both) lash line dependant on your preference. You can customize the application to be simple,classic or trendy.

Lip Liner

Highlight and accentuate lip line with Permanent lip liner . 

Full Lip

Lips at attention! Create a fuller lip with both lip liner and inner lip application.

*Add Crystalline to this service to have a lasting dewy look

Addt'l Permanent Makeup

Freckles customized to your preferences

Mole customized to your preference

Dotting-Creates the appearance of a fuller lash ,applied to lash line between lashes